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May 2015

Best High Schools in New York State

7 out of 10 high schools are from NYC / CFN201!

Congratulations to Principals and staff who work so hard to make this possible.

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May 2015

May 12th APPPS Meeting - Cardozo HS

"Story 2" - Write Better for Life
April 2015

Comprehensive Article to Summarize March 2015 Workshop with Alan November....

Article: Digital Literacy for Life-Long Learning; Who Owns the Learning in Your School?



Joseph Zaza & Amy Reynolds, Ed.D.

March 2015
CFN 201 Workshop / March 10th
Presenter: Alan November at Thomas Edison High School.
Building Academic Rigor through Challenge Based Learning Resources/notes
February 2015
CFN 201’s Celebration of Leading, Teaching & Learning
Sharing best practices and expertise in leadership, teaching, learning, and student supports!
Our network focus for the past one and a half years has been Collaboration, Community, Communication, Capacity, otherwise known as the 4C’s. We are planning our last few months together as CFN 201and would like to celebrate the incredible work and best practices you have developed at your schools:
Date: FIRST Week in MAY
Location: Apple is checking locations to host event
Email areynolds@schools.nyc.gov if you have a Best Practice that you want to share!
Presentation spots may limited be location
Updates to follow and posted

All our schools have something special to share! Continuing the network theme, Collaboration, Community, Communication, Capacity Principals should submit an application of a school best practice that you want to share at the fair! Presentations should be 60 minutes in length and include students if applicable. Topics are limitless, see interactive graphic below. Email me ( areynolds@schoools.nyc.gov ) ASAP if you have a Best Practice in mind that you want to share. Use the Application - CFN 201 Celebrating Leading, Teaching & Learning to submit ideas and to be included in the Official Brochure.

Download Best Practices- Share Fair News Blast

  • Presentations will repeat (2-3 times) so audience can view a few different Best Practices.

  • We anticipate that schools will be able to send approximately 5 members; dependent on # of presentations, venue, and school size.

Additional details to follow.

Contacts for Share Fair:
Eliot Salow esalow2011@gmail.com
Amy Reynolds areynolds@schools.nyc.gov
Register for January Regents Test Coordinator Information Sessions
Middle and high schools| Events: December 8-12 | Deadline: November 26
As a reminder,January Regents exams will be administered between January 26 and 29. Test coordinators from schools administering January Regents must register to attend a January Regents session next month. Sessions will take place from 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. from December 8–12 and will cover test preparation, administration, and packaging procedures. Test coordinators should register by November 26. Note that additional staff members who have responsibilities related to Regents scheduling, administration, and packaging may also register and attend.
stars_29.gifSee Assessment Page for Addtional Regents Information
NYC DOE Periodic Assessment Page
2014-15 Periodic Assessment Guide for NYC Schools.
Schoolnet NYC
How to print MOSL-eligible performance tasks…
Log on to NYC.Schoolnet.com - you will see this once you log on.
IMPORTANT: How to Print Your MOSL-eligible Performance Tasks
1. Hover over Assessment Admin above, then select Find a Test.
2. Enter the Test ID (refer to list resource) or filter to find your desired test.
3. Click the test name hyperlink and expand Associated Resources section to locate your test.
4. Open the test booklet PDF and print.
For detailed policy and technical information about administering MoSL-eligible assessments, see the Advance intranet pageor refer to this MOSL-eligible Baseline Administration Handbook(125 pages) — see p.19 for printing score sheets and p.30 for scanning.
Order Diplomas and Credentials for 2014–15 Graduates
High schools / Deadline: October 24
You should now begin to order diploma certificates, commencement credential certificates, and certificate seals for students at your school who are expected to graduate in January, June, or August of 2015. Commencement credential certificates are for students with disabilities who are expected to qualify for the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential or the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential. If your school is in Districts 75 or 79, you should only order commencement credential certificates and seals.
To place your order, use School Zone in FAMIS to specify the number of diplomas and commencement credentials you will need for January, June, and August graduations. For additional information, see these FAQs and this guidance on the Diploma Ordering Tool. The deadline for ordering diplomas and credentials for all graduation dates is October 24.
For more information about policies for awarding diplomas, credentials, and seals, see here. For questions, contact clientservices@schools.nyc.gov or 718-935-5000.

Links to:
Connect With Kids Websource - GWC.ConnectwithKids.com Temporary Access- CFN201
From the Chancellor: "...The new Paperwork Reduction Standards are intended to allow pedagogues the time to focus their precious energy on what matters most - meeting the needs of students and their families, professional development, and planning. The new standards should guide paperwork requests of teachers.
  • The evolving standards start with the areas of the Quality Review, Special Education, and Data Systems - topics raised by educators. This agreement is a continuous work in progress as we will be formulating additional standards throughout the year in response to school requests as we continue our efforts to keep the focus on teaching and learning...."
Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention - Training Dates and Locations
In accordance with State law and Chancellor's Regulation A-750, all schools are required to designate a liaison for child abuse prevention and intervention. The liaison (listed on your School Consolidated Plan) is required to attend the training and provide relevant information related to child abuse prevention and intervention to school staff; the training schedule is attached.
*This year a change was made and now schools must preregister to the network---please email me your school’s DBN, staff member’s name(s) and date of the session your school will be attending.
All training sessions (other than the Bronx) are scheduled to run from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. In an effort to prevent overcrowding it is important that each liaison attend in the specific district your school is located. Also each attendee should sign in and will receive a date and site specific agenda as proof of attendance.
Feel free to contact Joanne Wolk or Robin Winstead for questions or additional info.
What are students learning on the 'The First Five Days'**? - See 3Cs Wikipage
  • At BLC 14, November states, “In the first 5 days I think we should front load really high level research skills,” November said. That means teaching students to power search” using Google operators, the words that define how Google searches. “A lot of kids have never used the advanced system of Google algorithms,” November said. Without it, the internet is a vast space with little organization. November compared power searching to the Dewey Decimal System in a library – without it people are just wandering around a building hoping they find the right book. Read more in MindShift Article
Common Sense Media CIPA Toolkit for New York City Department of Education
You can now download the CIPA Toolkit for your school and start educating students about how to be good digital citizens, and meet CIPA requirements at the same time!
We are pleased to announce our first Principals’ Meeting of the 14-15 SY. You are asked to bring one instructional AP or Teacher who can turnkey the information to your staff.
smartapple.jpgCFN 201: Collaboration, Community, CapacityChallenging Students to LearnPrincipals’ MeetingPrincipal +1 Instructional AP/Teacher – TurnkeyThursday, August 28, 20148:45am - 3:00pmLocation: Apple Education Center100 Fifth Avenue - 6th FloorNew York, NY 10011AGENDA

Regents Exams - August 13th and 14th.In the case of suspected/observed student cheating or the presence or use of a cell phone/prohibited electronic device, during a state exam, the principal must immediately take the following actions.

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