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Documents & Information

* Bullying

National Crime Prevention Council - information, training, publications, programs and down-loadable resources:
Preventing Cyberbullying and Internet Harassment- Cyberbully411 provides resources for youth who have questions about or have been targeted by online harassment.

ADL Curriculum Connections – Cyberbullying and Addressing Online Cruelty
The ABCs of Bullying- Addressing, Blocking, and Curbing School Aggression

Resources, tools and teaching kits for promoting diversity and tolerance in schools

* Child Abuse/Neglect, & Suicide Prevention

Self Injurious Behavior in Adolescents and Young Adults---
Helpful info on what is self injury, resources on developing a school protocol and fact sheets

School Child Abuse/Neglect Training
- Staff Training for Schools

A Quick Guide for Staff.pdf
what happens when I report.pdfMandated Reporter
In order to assist and support your efforts, and as requested by many schools, we developed a PowerPoint presentation that can be used for your mandated training on child abuse prevention ---according to Chancellor Regulation A-750 [see link below] all staff members should receive training and support on child abuse prevention and reporting procedures before November 30th of each year. We suggest the following:
  • Distribute the True/False Quiz questions to all staff
  • Go over answers and information presented in PowerPoint and discuss talking points listed
  • Distribute handouts listed on PowerPoint–see attached and link below
  • Presentation should take between 30 to 40 minutes
Hope this is helpful for you--feel free to contact me if you need any additional info or assistance

NYCDOE Child Abuse Prevention Webpage

The Office of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Intervention provides technical assistance, training and resources to Central, District and school staff in order to comply with state laws and Chancellor’s Regulation A-750 on child abuse intervention and prevention.

NYS ACS Email contacts
Email contact for reporting all ACS cases ---2221A reports need to be sent electronically to liaison for borough student resides) Children's Services E-Mail List

National Civil Liberties Union- FAQs on Child Abuse/Reporting and Teen Sexual Activity

signs abuse neglect ChanRegA750.pdf
NYC ACS Policy on Educational Neglect

Suicide Prevention Guide ChRegsA755.pdf
Suicide Prevention Guide- Procedures for Action

Suicide Reference Guide ChRegsA755.pdf
Suicide Reference Guide- Warning Signs of Suicide Risk

09010_Child Abuse Neglect Pocket Guide_Child Abuse Neglect Pocket Guide.pdf
Safety First Pocket Guide

09010_Safety First Brochure_Safety First Brochure.pdf
Safety First Brochure

SF Introduction Letter.doc
Introduction to Office of Safety First

All schools are required, as established in Chancellor Regulation A-750, to designeate a Child Abuse Liaison that MUST attend the annual training scheduled for the district where their school is geographically located.

A Report of Suspected Child Abuse of Maltreatment Document
All schools are mandated to submit a copy of this report to the CFN Office and e-mail to the ACS Liaison.

ACS and DOE Interagency Liaisons Information Lists
ACS – DOE Monthly Case Review Meetings

* Consolidated Plan


Guiding Principles
Guidelines for a model School and Youth Development Consolidated Plan

Transition Coaches: The Basics

* Crisis Support



Crisis Guidelines Counselors.pdf
Grief Needs of Students.pdf
Grief Responses.pdf
Activities for Processing Grief.pdf
Crisis guidelines for handling grief/loss.

Crisis Tips: Talking to Children After a Disaster
Tips for Talking to Children and Youth After Traumatic Events
A Guide for Parents and Educators

Crisis How To Help Children After Disaster
How to Help Children After a Disaster

Crisis Checklist Networks and Schools
Crisis Checklist for Networks & Schools

Crisis Aftermath
When Students or Staff Lose Loved Ones In Disasters Far Away

Crisis: After a Disaster Guide For Parents and Teachers
After a Disaster: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Crisis Checklist Networks and Schools.doc
This memorandum is designed to support your efforts to address mandates related to Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, to provide support to Students in Temporary Housing and to ensure that all students and their families understand their rights regarding Military Recruitment and Opt-Out Procedures.

* Health

Request for Exemption from Immunication Requirements.doc
504 regs.pdf

OSH Med Exempt Req Form .doc



* Promotion Policy

The promotion page on the Principals’ Portal will serve as the primary source of information about the promotion decision process.
The June promotion process section of this page currently includes promotion policy resources, the ‘Promotion Portfolio Manuals’ and ‘Blackline Masters’. Additional policy resources, sample versions of the June promotion letters, and systems resources will be posted during the next few weeks.

DOE Promotion / Summer School Intranet Page

* Student Enrollment

Office of Student Enrollment
(718) 935-2399
Student Enrollment Management System (SEMS)
-HS Admissions Alerts and Messages
-accessing Program Candidate List (PCL)
-resources, deadlines, calendars, presentations, translated documents...
Basic "how to" questions about SEMS
Getting/updating SEMS access and password

* Students in Temporary Housing (STH)

NYS- TEACHS website---
The New York State Technical & Education Assistance Center for Homeless Students –information such as introduction to the McKinney-Vento Act, procedures and regulations and data. School-based staff working with students living in temporary housing are encouraged to visit the website and register for workshops.

Military Opt-out and STH Memo
This memorandum is designed to support your efforts to address mandates related to Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, to provide support to Students in Temporary Housing and to ensure that all students and their families understand their rights regarding Military Recruitment and Opt-Out Procedures.

Title I Set Aside for Students in Temporary Housing (STH)
Schools that received a Title I allocation should create plans to support their STH
populations as per federal regulations. These plans should be incorporated into theOffice of School and Youth Development Consolidated Plan and School Comprehensive Educational Plan(Appendix 7)
Title I School Allocation Memorandum (SAM #9)was revised this year and provides more guidance about STH. The Title I set-aside for the STH population can be used for critical materials and supports, including school supplies and uniforms. Additionally, Chancellor’s Regulation A-665 discusses school uniform mandates for those schools with a uniform policy. The
Title I Set-Aside for STH Frequently Asked Questionsdocument provides more detailed information on the allowable uses of the set-aside funds. For additional information, contact your Children First Network or the Borough-based STH Content Expert

* Safety and Discipline


Visit our CFN 201 School Safety Page for additional Information.

Procedures Memo
This memorandum is designed to support your efforts to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. .
(Discipline Code)
The Citywide Standards of Intervention and Discipline Measures (The Discipline Code) provides the foundation upon which schools can build a safe and secure learning environment in which students grow and develop to their maximum potential.

* Additional Resources / Mental Health Services


For Adolescents and Young Adults with Psychosis P.E.E.R.
The PEER program is a collaboration between the Child and Family Institute (CFI) and the Psychiatric Recovery Center (PRC) at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals. It was developed to provide targeted, phase-specific interventions for adolescents and young adults who are in the early stages of psychosis.

[[file:cfn201/REVISED Mental Health Services 2011.pdf|REVISED Mental Health Services 2011.pdf
Updated Information: Mental Health & Social Services for NYC Youth

Safe Horizon.htm

Community Mental Health Services.doc

ADL Education Programs.pdf
ADL—Anti-Defamation League offers educational programs for staff, students and parents

LifeNet Network of Care Overview.doc
LifeNet’s newly enhanced website now offers comprehensive behavioral health and social support resources and a convenient, easy-to-navigate experience.

Standards For Creating and Sustaining a Safe and Supportive School
This is a 27 page document and might be too much to copy and distribute to your GCs/SWs but it is a valuable resource. At the minimum, I recommend that you hand out the following sections:
a. Students in Temporary Housing (p. 11)
b. Comprehensive Guidance Program (pp. 12 & 13)
c. Pupil Personnel Team (p. 14)
d. Crisis Intervention Team (p. 15)
e. Student Engagement/Student Life (p. 16)
f. School Climate and Culture (pp. 17 & 18

09010_Safety First Chart Flyer_Safety First Chart Flyer.pdf
Safety First Flyer