June 2012
Emergency supplies of exam booklets will be located at the regional centers listed below.
Detailed information on how to obtain an emergency supply of exams can be found online.
Directions for administering, proctoring and scoring exams, can be found on the NYSED website
June 2012
Regional Centers for the June 2012 Regents Exams
Sam Abbassi
Manhattan/Hunter Science High School
122 Amsterdam Avenue, Room 205E
212-501-1171 (fax)
Al Davino
Herbert H. Lehman High School
3000 E. Tremont Avenue
718-904-4285 (fax)
David Rapheal
Brooklyn Technical High School
29 Fort Greene Place, Room B W18
Barbara Marcisak
Francis Lewis High School
58-20 Utopia Parkway
718-391-6088 (fax)
Staten Island
Jose Garcia
Staten Island ISC
715 Ocean Terrace, Bldg. A, Room A 127
718-420-5665 (fax)
Schools may now begin generating Regent Answer Documents for students scheduled for regent exams on STARS.
See Assessment Page for additional information and
Regent Scanning Guide, designed for a school audience, for complete instructions and best practices.
New June 2012 Regents Scanning Guide
June 2012 Regents Scanning Information - CFN 201.pptx
Additional information on Assessment Page
Social Media Policies NYCDOE
Several months ago, the Department of Education began developing guidelines and recommendations on best practices for the use of social media in our schools.
From PW: Schedule Students for the Regents Examination in STARS All schools that plan to administer Regents exams in June 2012 must schedule the majority (60% or more) of students in STARS by May 24. *New June 2012,ALL TEN (10) Regents Exams will be scanned and scored in ATS, including Algebra2/Trigonometry, Geometry, Chemistry and Physics.
Additional information on Assessment Page
Upcoming PD - Common Core Checkpoint
Planning Instructional Units and Common Core Aligned Tasks
Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Location:Forest Hills HS, 67-01 110th Street- Library
Queens, NY 11375
Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm
Workshop Audience:
Teachers, Lead Teachers and APs, ELL, ELA, Social Studies.
To REGISTER contact Daniel Atkinsdatkins2@schools.nyc.gov
See Assessment Page for information on Ordering LOTE Exams (Regents Like Exam) & Middle School NYC Second Language (Proficiency Like Examinations )
Exams MUST be ordered by March 23rd
Middle School - NYC Second Language Proficiency Like Examinations are administered on June 18th at 9:15am
HS LOTE (Regents Like Exam) are to all be administered on June 18th at 1:15 p.m.
See Assessment Page
STARS News - New standardized STARS course and exam codes have been developed for high schools and middle schools to reduce central data requests to schools and increase the accuracy of school exam and course data.
See Assessment /Testing page for details.
See Assessment Page for updated 2012 LOTE and SLPLanguage Examination Information.

Regents Manual- January 2012
2012 January Regents Schedule - Printable
See CFN 201Assessment Page for ALL information.
January 2012 Regents Manual
Congrats to Forest Hills HS on CNN
Principal Saul Gootnick explains how his students are able to achieve in a over-crowded learning environment.
Crisis Response & Suicide Prevention Training - CFN 201/205
Friday, DECEMBER 16, 2011 - GW Carver HS for the Sciences
8:30 am – 3:00 pm
View registration and add'l information on Youth Development Page
Workshop Flyer
Schools that will administer Regents exams in January must begin scheduling students in STARS by December 21. STARS scheduling is required to print the answer documents for the scanned exams via ATS.
As a reminder, new January Regents and RCT codeshave been added to all high school code decks.
NYSED will no longer print and deliver certain non-secure testing materials to schools.
January 2012 and June 2012 Regents administrations, the documents listed below will be printed by the NYCDOE and shipped to you shortly before the Regents administration period. The amount of materials you receive will be based on the number of exams ordered from the State.
Schools will be responsible for the expense in FY 2012-13.Schools can save unmarked reference tables for re-use.
  • Regular edition reference tables: Physical Setting: Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Translated edition reference tables: Physical Setting/Earth Science
  • Essay booklets: Regents English, U.S. History and Government, and Global History and Geography
  • Answer booklets: RCT in writing
Materials provided by the NYCDOE should only be used for exam administration. If you want to use materials for practice purposes, you can obtain essay booklets andreference tables directly from the NYSED website.
Election Day Professional Development Opportunities - Tuesday, November 8th
Post-PSAT Administration
High schools / Deadline: November 1
If your school administered the PSAT on October 12, your school’s PSAT test coordinator should complete the PSAT remittance form (log in required) by November 1.
The form asks to indicate the total number of students tested by grade. There is no cost for testing tenth and eleventh graders; if students in other grades were tested, the cost must be calculated and payment must be arranged.
Ordering Deadlines for State Tests
All schools / Deadlines:
November 5th, November 10th, & December 2
Order the following tests through the NYSED portal
ELA, math, and science exams:
  • Deadline to Order November 5.
January Regents and RCT exams:
  • Deadline to Order November 10.
  • The deadline to order is December 2
See Assessment WikiPage for additional information
If you have login difficulties, contact your Borough AID
In June 2012, the NYC LOTE (languages other than English) YearlyTesting/LOTE+2012 exams will be offered in 21 languages.
These exams meet the language regent requirements for advanced regent diploma. These exams will only be given ONCE a year, in June.They will be ordered through the DOE, not NYSED. Additional details to follow, closer to the date of administration.
NYCDOE Resources to Support Instructional Expectations
Common Core Library
ARIS Learn
Progress Report Update High schools / Deadline: October 4
High schools, transfer schools, and YABCs should ensure that summer Regents exam results, credits, graduation outcomes, and college readiness data are up-to-date in ATS and STARS by October 4 at 5:00 p.m. for inclusion in the Progress Reports that will be released in October.
For questions, email PR_Support@schools.nyc.gov.
NYSED Announces: Changes in distribution of printed materials for the Regents Exams and Regents Competency Tests (RCTs) 2011-2012
Regents Materials 2011-12_Printing Guidelines.pdf
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Assessment Policy, Development and administration at518-474-8220 or by email atemscassessinfo@mail.nysed.gov

First Principals Meeting SY 2011-2012
Ms. Jie Zhang would like the first meeting of the school year to be a joint Principal’s Meeting with all schools invited
Location: Forest Hills High School
67-01 110 Street
Room 336
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Date: October 5, 2011
Time : Noon - 3PM
Lunch will be served at noon.
Calendar of Principals Meetings 2011/2012
2011 - Annual Child Abuse Mandated Training - for all school designated liaison
See Youth Development Page for Dates, location, and Times
Updated information on January 2012 Regents and 2011-2012 ELA/MathTesting schedule.
See Assessment Wikipage
New Teacher Effectiveness Wiki Page....

High schools, transfer schools, and YABCs should ensure that summer Regents, credits, and graduation outcomes are up-to-date in ATS and STARS by October 4 at 5pm for inclusion in the Progress Reports that will be released in October.
See Performance and Accountability Page for additional information.
CCSS Videos
30 videos vignettes have been developed by the writers of the CCSS in partnership with The Hunt Institute.
When on YouTube select the “uploads” tab you will be able to see all 30 of the videos.
CCSS Video User Guide 2011.
All of these videos will eventually be posted on the CCSS website (www.corestandards.org), but for now they have made them available through this YouTube site.
*To use videos at schools - download YouTube videos to laptops, computers, iPads and mobile devices. Use FREE programs to download videos.
CFN 201 will conduct a special professional development onChanges to Student Discharge Codes
For pupil accounting secretaries and attendance teachers on September 16,2011 from 12 pm to 3pm at 30-48 Linden Place, Flushing NY.
Additional information on Attendance page.
School Child Abuse/Neglect Training
Mandated Reporter Training.ppt - Staff Training for Schools
Additional documents available on Youth Developmentpage.
Resources to help prepare for school opening:
  • School Opening Checklist
  • Memos, mandates, and procedures
  • Other information you’ll need for the opening of school
School Opening - Intranet
NYCDOE, in collaboration with the UFT and CSA, has made time for school staff to meet and engage in professional learning and planning on September 7, before the students return for the first day of instruction on September 8.
New Teacher Effectiveness Wiki Page....

The deadline for schools to finish scoring and scanning Regents exams is 9:00 p.m. on August 19. Schools that are unable to finish scanning by that point should let me know by 10:30 a.m. on August 22, so that I can put in a request for an extension.
The policy for schools making use of the Regents Online Update function (RGTU) in ATS has changed. Schools are no longer required to fax a tracking form to Central. Please review the updated policy for RGTU. See Assessment Page
UPDATED Summer Regents Scanning Information

Overview of Summer August Regents Scanning Changes.pptx
Handbooks and additional information can be found in the ARIS Community
Summer Scanning Overview
New Regents Scanning Handbook July 2011
Reminder: August 12th - nySTART Accountability Data Certification window closes
HS Accountability Data Verification Timeline
Elem / Middle School Accountability Data Verification Timeline

From PW: Regents Item Analysis Tool Available for all Scanned Regents
Middle, high school.
Regents Item Skills Analysis for all scanned June Regents are available for middle and high schools. One spreadsheet per school includes student answer details for all scanned exams, and is available in your private school community on ARIS. You can use this tool to inform programming decisions on patterns in achievement across the school, or at the individual student level.

From PW: Regents Scanning: August Administration, Key Dates
Middle, high schools / Deadlines: July 29, August 12
All schools administering the Integrated Algebra, Comprehensive English, Living Environment, Earth Science, Global History, and U.S. History Regents exams on the August examination schedule must follow the Regents scanning process piloted in June; the Geometry Regents exam and all RCTs will continue to be administered via the process used in the past.
Key dates for August Regents:
By July 29: You should have scheduled the majority of students for August Regents in STARS
By August 12: You should have printed answer documents, with the exception of walk-in students, via ATS
August 17-18: August Regents Administration
Please review the Regents Scanning – August 2011 Supplemental Information flier for changes to the Regents Scanning process from June. There will be additional documentation, revised for August, shortly. You will be notified when these materials are available and when printing answer documents in ATS may begin in the July 26 issue of Principals’ Weekly
See Professional Development Page for descriptions and registration links
Download information CFN 201 2011 Summer PD.doc
For Principals- The Danielson Group
For APs SUPERVISION + one select teacher from the department - Brienza’s Academic Advantage – Addressing Citywide Instructional Expectations for 2011-2012
For Teachers (APs are welcome as well) - Teacher Leader Institute - Professional Learning Communities That Work
2011 Cluster Two Math Summer Institute -Mathematics Support for Hi