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Updated Regents Scanning Handbook - June 14th
Chancellor’s Principal Conference – Video and Other Resources
See resources from the Chancellor’s Principal Conference last Saturday, June 4, including the final 2011-12 instructional expectations and an updated FAQ. The FAQ will be updated on an ongoing basis.
See Assessment page for information, guidelines & procedures for June 2011, Regents & RCTS Exams
Additional Copies of Exams
Photocopying Exams
NEW FAQ Regents Scanning - June 7th\
NYSED cost of unused exams
Guidance for planning for the elimination of the January and foreign language Regents exams.
Review this FAQ document for guidance on supporting students effected by the new policy.
Guidance on Cancellation of the January Regents & Foreign Language Regents Exams
Alan November visits Thomas Edison HS.
Alan is the Keynote Speaker at the Cluster 2 - August 31st Principals Conference
Link to video
MAY 24, 2011


Beginning in June 2011, schools are no longer permitted to RESCORE ANY Regents Exam regardless of the final exam score. This policy now includes ALL Math and Science Regents Exam even with a score of 60-64.
NYSED June 2011 Regent/RCT MEMO - May 2011
The revised policy will be reflected in the NYSED Directions for Administering Regents Examinations, June 2011 Administration, and in the rating guides. (Not currently available).
Please ensure that all teachers and administrators involved in the rating of any Regents Exams are updated on this new policy.
Regents Scanning Presentation with NEW May 24 11 POLICY SIlde 23. Link to Additional Regents Documents
All schools should have started scheduling students in STARS for Scanned Regents•Schools should schedule the majority of the students that they expect to take Regents exams in STARS by May 27.
This step is necessary for schools to be able to print answer documents from ATS starting June 1.
Link to Additional Regents Documents
From Principals Weekly:
Effective in the 2011-12 school year, the Board of Regents has canceled the January Regents exam administration window and eliminated the Italian, French, and Spanish exams. This may affect your planning for the June and August 2011 Regents exams.
The NYCDOE is working to consider options to support students potentially impacted by these changes. Additional information will be shared with you as soon as possible.
See additional Regents information on Assessment/Testing page
The Promotion Page on the Principals’ Portal will serve as the primary source of information about the 2011 promotion decision process.
Promotion standards and processes for students in NYC public schools are outlined in Chancellor’s Regulation A-501. Schools make promotion-related decisions in three major periods throughout the academic year.
View all network postings on promotion on our Youth Development Page
Promotion 2011 Policy and Overview.ppt
See more information on additional topics on our Youth Development Page
Blinking.gifNEW - Regents Scanning Documents
Regents Scanning School Checklist.doc
Regents Scanning Demo Instructions.doc
ATS_Sample_Regents Reports.pdf
Sample Excel Data File ATS-REDS Report.xls
Pink_Star.gifAdditional documents have been updated- 5/2
Visit our assessment page for additional information including NEW HANDBOOK, FAQs, Best Practices Scoring, Proctoring Guidelines.....
April 2011
College Board Announced revision of AP Courses
Based on current models of best practices in classroom instruction, the AP Program has revised several courses and exams in history, science and world languages. The data-driven revisions are designed to support teachers as they prepare students for college and career success in the 21st century.
Overview of whats changing and resources.
The information and resources on this website can help you transition to the revised courses. The site will feature new supports as they become available.
June 2011 - REGENTS Information
New Presentation - June 2011 HS Regents Testing and Scanning Procedures -
The NYSED business portal is open for you to order your June 2011 Regents exams; you have until April 29 to do so.
Schools that need to order more than 1000 exams in any subject must send a fax with attention to the New York State Education Operations Group by April 29, 2011. Schools should fax their requests to 518-474-2021 on school letterhead, signed by the principal.
The June 2011 Regents Exam Schedule has been released.
Visit our assessment page for additional information including Best Practices Scoring, Proctoring Guidelines
Francis Lewis High School students meet with President Obama at Science and Engineering Fair at American Museum of Natural History, Manhattan, NY on March 29, 2011.
April 7, 2011-Queens
April 15, 2011-Manhattan
Beginning in June 2011, All NYC schools are required to scan student answer documents for the following (6) Regents Examinations:
English Comprehensive
Integrated Algebra
Earth Science
Living Environment
US History & Government
Global Studies & Geography
Exam dates have not been posted yet.
Link to ALL CFN201 Scanning Documents & Information
Overview PPT, Handbooks, FAQ, Scanner/Printer Info., etc...
Will be updated as information is made available.
Professional Certificate Holders -- 175 Requirement
Visit Human Resource Page for addtional information and documents
Youth Development - Attendance Information

CFN201 Overview of the New Regents Scanning Process
April 7, 2011- Queens
April 15, 2011- Manhattan
Schools should sign-up 1-3 key school participants. Participants should be Key School Assessment/Regents Personnel: Testing Coordinators, Program Specialists, Assistant Principals, Administrators, or department leads. The expectation is that all participants will turnkey information at home school.
Link to Registration Information
New NYCDOE Common Core Resource Page
CFN 201 Links:
Common Core State Standards*CCSS PD Resources & Materials
Why Common Core?
See Student Work
Professional Learning
Share Your Ideas
March 31
12:00 - 3:00pm
Location: Francis Lewis High School (Q430)
58-20 UTOPIA PARKWAY, Queens, NY 11365
PSAT Data Workshop: Accessing and Interpreting Student Results
  • PSAT Data Project overview
  • Accessing and interpreting the reports
  • College Board reports
  • NYC DOE reports
  • Questions and next steps Ongoing support and feedback
Audience: Data specialists, Assistant Principals, Administrators, or department leads. Participants should bring school log-on information College Board and have ARIS access.
Schools can sign-up 1- 2 participants; first come, first served, up 34 participants.


View Registration
Youth Development Workshop
Fostering Student Success (Social Emotional and Service Learning) Wednesday, March 23 View Details / Register
PSAT DATA Project - Supporting Documents in ARIS
Aris login/password required.
Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for School InnovationThis $15,000 award will go to a principal whose leadership results in an academically rigorous and technologically innovative learning environment.
Apply or nominate a deserving principal for this honor and opportunity.
Applications will be accepted between March 15, 2011 and April 15, 2011. The Prize will be awarded at the Teaching Matters annual forum for principals in July 2011.
Register for information webinar about Teaching Matters' Rubric for School Innovation to better understand the judging criteria. The webinar will be held on Thursday, March 10th at 4:00 PM and will last approximately 45 minutes.
For questions, please contact:
Emily Durkin 212-870-3505
Register for FREE Webinar - Converge Magazine Special Report Webinar - Digital Teaching / Best Practices - 2011- March 22, 2PM
Join the conversation on best practices of teachers, school districts and higher education institutions that are embracing technology to improve student learning. Speakers
Audit Overview
HS_ Grading Policies2011.pdf
- Shael Polakow-Suransky, Chief Academic Officer
Visual links to many of NYCDOE applications and websites. Logins/password may be required.
The Khan Academy is an organization on a mission - A not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere.
View story on Khan Academy on PBS NewsHour
All of the the site's resources are available to anyone. The Khan Academy's materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.
Browse library of over 2,100 videos. and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.
New Blackboard Launches Free Web-base Course Platform. FREE webcourse hosting & accounts for teachers - up to 5 courses.
CFN201_Potential Graduation Revisions 2011.pdf
Summary of proposals.
Link to SESIS Information on Wiki

Principals Pre-Deployment Broadcast_Jan_2011.ppt
Objectives of SESIS
What is SESIS?
SESIS Deployment / Training Schedule
School Readiness
SESIS Training
Reviewing and updating CAP data
Reviewing and confirming roles in Galaxy
SESIS Support
SESIS Website
Next Steps
2011-12 Register Projection Process and Special Education Student Projection (SESP) Tool
To assist principals in completing school's projected register. View additional information on Sp.Ed.
State Education Department Announces: Some seniors can use course grades to graduate as Regents Exams are canceled due to inclement weather.
The State Education Department announced today that seniors who were scheduled to take Regents exams this week and were unable to do so because their schools were closed by inclement weather may use passing course grades (per local policy) to meet the requirements for a local diploma. This option is being allowed only for the small number of seniors for whom passing grades on Regents exams not available this week due to inclement weather would represent their only outstanding requirement for January 2011 graduation.
Jan. 2011
For schools participating in the Regents Scanning Pilot, If there is an issue that cannot be resolved by the school and network, the next point of contacts should be .....
Regents Scanning Pilot Frequently Asked Questions - Jan 21
DIIT Service Desk (718-935-5100)
the Accountability Service Desk (212-374-6646)
Patrick Purcell ( and 917-224-8036 � Blackberry)
Link to Regents Scanning Pilot Documents on CFN 201 Wikipage
Jan. 2011
Visit our Assessment wikipage for links to NYSED January Regents Exam Scoring Information and additional assessment information.
Direct link to NYSED January Regents Exam Scoring Information:
Jan. 2011
Congratulations to the 2011 Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalists!
All 14 semifinalists from New York City public schools are from Bronx HS of Science, Stuyvesant High School & Townsend Harris High School.
The Intel Science Talent Search (Intel ISEF) is the nation's most prestigious pre-college science competition. Read more
Human Resource Information from Michelle Lee...
Provisional Hiring Agreement Extended Through June 30, 2011; Subsidy agreement is no longer available to provisional staff hired after November 30, 2010, when the original agreement ended. Additional information on HR page


NYSED has reduced the quantity of January exams that schools will receive and has notified affected schools via e-mail. If your school is short the number of exams needed for test administration please take one of the following actions:
On the morning of the exam e-mail a request for permission to copy the exam to NYSED at A reply will be sent back to the school from NYSED via e-mail as quickly as possible (this is the preferred and most efficient way to contact NYSED for these requests). Once your school has received permission to copy the exam, please ensure that you copy the front and back of all pages in the exam other options....
If these options are not viable for your school, or if you need information about how many exams your school will receive from NYSED, contact the OA Service Desk at 212-374-6646. The DOE is working to increase availability of exams where possible. Please note that all Testing Regulations are in effect during the Regents Exam administrations.
Peer Review Supporting Documents Information/Links
Peer Review Writing Workshop Powerpoint
Peer Review Writing: Crafting Effective Bullets
Regents Comprehensive Examination in English- PPT presentation regarding the procedure for rating the 2-credit short constructed responses.
See info on Assessment/Testing wikipage & NYSED website.
New Assessment/Testing Wiki Page
Information, resources, and links on assessment/testing/Regents.
New information / resources on Child Abuse/Neglect & Suicide Prevention - Youth Development WikiPage
*Physical and Behavioral Indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect
*National Civil Liberties Union- FAQs on Child Abuse/Reporting and Teen Sexual Activity
*NYC ACS Policy on Educational Neglect
*Suicide Prevention Guide- Procedures for Action
*Suicide Reference Guide- Warning Signs of Suicide Risk
Special Education Student Information System SESIS Website
Visit our Sp.Ed page for addtional information and documents.
The SESIS Website Includes info, deadlines and links on:
training materials, network and equipment checklist, deployment schedule, registration, login link, Guide to SESIS support, SESIS communications
DOE New Tenure Policy
NY1 Article/Video
DOE Teacher Development Toolkit
Online professional development system, containing tools and resources aligned with professional teaching standards. Instruction/Wikipage
Dec. 2011
NYCDOE Peer Review Support Documents
The lastest documents on Peer Reivew can be found on the DOE website. Visit our wiki page: Performance & Acountability for additional resources on similiar topics.
January - April 2011
2011 Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute / for Students in the 11th and 12th Grade.
Students develop leadership skills during 6-week Saturday institute!
Sponsored by NYS Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute
Learn about your state government! See how the state legislature functions!
Visit Albany and learn about the legislative process! For more information & details download flyer for students. 2011 PRHYLI Flyer FinalTH.DOC
Fall 2010
Visit the new CFN201 Cloud: links to Web 2.0 instructional resources.
Links to Instructional Technology. Resources for curriculum integration.
Social Bookmarks using Delicious.
Dec. 14, 15 or 16, 2010
NAEP workshops for selected participating schools.
See Professional Development page for specific information.
Dec. 22nd.
Test Administration Handbook for grades 3-8 or high schools
Review test administration policies and procedures outlined in the Test Administrative Handbook Grades 3-8, HS
Submit it to your CFN Assessment Liaison by December 22.
Complete the sign-off sheet on the last page of the handbook indicating that you have done so. Complete Test Administration Handbook HS Sign-Off Sheet (p.22) or Grade 3-8 Sign-Off (p.19)
FAX or email with signed roster of all testing personnel to Amy Reynolds 718-281-7654 or
You should also maintain a copy on file at your school, where it can be produced upon request,
November 24, 2010
NYSED has posted the January 2011 Regents exam schedule.
Schools will administer and score the new three-hour, one-day Regents Comprehensive Examination in English on January 11. Updates on Regents Exam Schedule- English
November 23, 2010
2010-2011...Directory: Additional Ways to Graduate: High School Diploma & GED Programs Directory
Choices and Information for Prospective Students and Families
Download File to Print: Information & Choices.pdf
Complete Online Directory:
Additional Ways to Graduate: High School Diplomas & GED Programs
Link to additional resources on Attendance
November 17, 2010
Reminder to Order High School Diploma Certificates and Seals by December 8th deadline...
using the ODPL screen in ATS .
Principals of schools graduating their first class and all newly-appointed principals will need to complete a signature card to order diplomas. If you have technical problems accessing or completing the ODPL screen in ATS, contact your CFN�s data/IT liaison. For instructions on completing the ODPL screen in ATS, click here.
November 4, 2010
Science PD Opportunity
More info on PD Wikipage
FREE Science Probes and Laptop for Science Teachers - Participating teachers will recieve a Laptop and Probeware supplies totaling $850 (including light, motion, sound, and temperature sensors and Sparkview Software)
Election Day - PD
Crisis Response/Suicide Prevention training - based on Chancellor�s Regulation A-755.
See Youth Development Page for detailed information.
Register for this workshop ....
Location: Bayside High School - Room 227
Time: 12:30 pm to 3 pm
October 22, 2010
Collaborative Inquiry
Links to information on the inquiry process now on our Performance and Accountability page
View "Interactive Map" to guide your school through the Inquiry Process.
Assorted Dates
Learn About Using Data to Support Instruction
See our wiki page Performance & Accountability for more resources
The DOE offers free support around using data to inform instruction, including use of the Periodic Assessment tools and ARIS. Coaches facilitate on-site sessions that can be tailored to meet the needs of schools, networks and network teams, as well as scheduled sessions in locations across the city.
Election Day - PD
ARIS Training: Using Classroom Level Data to Inform Instruction.
Register There is a webinar and an in-person session available.
Election Day - PD
"Train the Trainer" - Common Core Standards
Election Day Professional Development
Election Day 2010 CCS PD - Memo.doc
Registration Links on PD page and additional information.
Quality Review ResourcesAll documents are posted on the Quality Review website.
revised 2010-2011 Principal�s Guide to the Quality Review, updated fall schedule,Documents were update 10/12/10 on DOE Website.
Information from PW was added to the Youth Development Page
  • Attendance: Planning Interview Documents Update - High schools
  • 2010-2011 Consolidated Plan / Nov. 5th Deadline
  • Title I - Students in Temporary Housing (STH) Information
September 2010
Changes to the Quality Review for 2010-11 Power Point

High schools: Distribute Military Recruiting Opt-Out Letters.Link to letters in in English and 8 other languages
Distrubute military recruiting opt-out letters to all students and families in grades 9-12 by October 1. Enter opt-out information into ATS at the UPCO function by October 29.
iPlan CEP Online Development Tool
Training information and links to iPlan website added to Performance & Accountability wikipage.
New Deadline
The Special Education Integration Survey deadline has been changed to November 5th.
Visit our Special Education Wikipage for more detailed information, on meetings, resources and downloadable Sp.Ed documents
October 20, 2010
New York City Math Symposium
Concierge Conference Center
780 Third Avenue (between 48th & 49th)
New York, NY 10017
NYC Math Symposium Oct 20 2010.pdf
RSVP: Please contact Brian Burciaga by Wednesday, October 13 at
See Professional Development page for details.
Election Day
Nov. 2, 2010
College Board Advanced Placement Public Workshop Election Day, Nov. 2ndTime: 8:00am-3:00pmLocations:
  • Long Island City High School
  • Medgar Evers College Preparatory School
To register online, or to download a registration form, go to: registration fee is $175/participant for College Board member schools and $200 for nonmember schools. More information about membership can be found at: Flyer Advanced Placement Public Workshop 2010.doc
Wed., 9/29/10
First CFN 201 Sp.Ed meeting for ALL network Schools
Location: Forest Hill High School- Library
67-01 110 Street, Forest Hills
Time: 8:30am - 12pm
Agenda: Topics and concerns listed on the Sp.Ed. checklist already sent and on our CFN 201 Special Education Wikipage. Opportunity to meet clinical supervisors assigned to your school.
Session I: 11/09/10
Session II: 11/30/10
For Brooklyn & Queens Principals and APs:
NYSED / The Brooklyn/Queens BETAC at LIU & Executive Leadership Institute (CSA) present 2 hands-on workshops
Due to space availability, Registration is required. See flyer. Flyer-Data Workshop Nov 2010.pdf
September 27th � October 29th.
iPlan Training Opportunities
This year schools can complete their CEP in their iPlan portal with just a few simple clicks of the mouse.
The Office of School Improvement is providing Training for School Administrators and School Leadership Teams.
Training is free! Registration is required
9/10 - 1/11
Visit our NEW Principals' Calendar Page
CFN Critical Reminders and Print friendly format
September 2010

Title IIB Grant Professional Development

  • The Math Science Partnership (MSP) Science Grant Districts 7, 8, 25, 26
Focus on Chemistry, Biology, Forensics, Conservation and more.
Grant Contact:
  • Math Science Partnership STEM Grant Districts 24, 28, 29, 30
Focus on improving student achievement through enhancing teachers� content knowledge and 21st century pedagogy skills and more.
Grant Contact:
View Catalogs and Registration Information

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