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Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention - Training Dates and Locations
In accordance with State law and Chancellor's Regulation A-750, all schools are required to designate a liaison for child abuse prevention and intervention. The liaison (listed on your School Consolidated Plan) is required to attend the training and provide relevant information related to child abuse prevention and intervention to school staff; the training schedule is attached.
*This year a change was made and now schools must preregister to the network---please email me your school’s DBN, staff member’s name(s) and date of the session your school will be attending.
All training sessions (other than the Bronx) are scheduled to run from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. In an effort to prevent overcrowding it is important that each liaison attend in the specific district your school is located. Also each attendee should sign in and will receive a date and site specific agenda as proof of attendance.
Feel free to contact Joanne Wolk or Robin Winstead for questions or additional info.
We are pleased to announce the below PD session, as our first Principals’ Meeting of the year. You are asked to bring one instructional AP or Teacher who can turnkey the information to your staff.

smartapple.jpgCFN 201: Collaboration, Community, CapacityChallenging Students to LearnPrincipals’ MeetingPrincipal +1 Instructional AP/Teacher – TurnkeyThursday, August 28, 20148:45am - 3:00pmLocation: Apple Education left100 Fifth Avenue - 6th FloorNew York, NY 10011
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