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Please visit one of the following pages to access resources available to schools administering Regents exams, or scoring sites hosting Regents distributed scoring.
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Announcements, links to administration memos, meeting presentations, and other informational resources.

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Links to training materials and announcements for scoring Site Management Team (SMT) members.
Borough Assessment Office (BAID)- Locations and Contact Information - BAIDS help schools with testing administration & support schools with drop offs and pick-ups of various testing materials. In the case of suspected/observed student cheating or the presence or use of a cell phone/prohibited electronic device, during a state exam, the principal must immediately take the following actions.

NYC DOE Periodic Assessment Page
2014-15 Periodic Assessment Guide for NYC Schools.
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Assessment Current Information & Updates 2014-2015

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Administration Memo and Information Session Presentations
January Regents exams will be administered between January 26 and 29. As in previous years, if your school has any students in grades 6–12, and if your school will administer Regents exams this January, your school will participate in citywide distributed scoring for all January Regents exams. For more information on January Regents, including test administration policies, material delivery and pick-up schedules, and packaging instructions, see the January Regents Administration memo. In order to prepare for January Regents, test coordinators and school principals were invited to attend information sessions on the implementation timeline and your school’s responsibilities related to January Regents exams. If you or your principal were unable to attend one of the information sessions in October, you may access a copy of the January Regents Information Session Presentation on the Assessment Intranet page; schools may also access the Presentation for HS Test Coordinators on the same page.

How to print MOSL-eligible performance tasks…
Log on to - you will see this once you log on.
IMPORTANT: How to Print Your MOSL-eligible Performance Tasks
1. Hover over Assessment Admin above, then select Find a Test.
2. Enter the Test ID (refer to list resource) or filter to find your desired test.
3. Click the test name hyperlink and expand Associated Resources section to locate your test.
4. Open the test booklet PDF and print.
For detailed policy and technical information about administering MoSL-eligible assessments, see the Advance intranet pageor refer to this MOSL-eligible Baseline Administration Handbook(125 pages) — see p.19 for printing score sheets and p.30 for scanning.
NYC DOE Periodic Assessment Page
2014-15 Periodic Assessment Guide for NYC Schools.
Schoolnet NYC
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August 2014 Regents Schedule - August 13th & 14th

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