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Key take home from BLC 14... MindShift The First Five Days of School are critical in establishing skills that help students..., “find the right information with the right question,” said November. “My job used to be to give you the information, now my job is to teach you how to find the information.” November firmly believes this dynamic needs to be made very clear in the first five days of school.
  • In the first 5 days I think we should front load really high level research skills,” November said. That means teaching students to power search” using Google operators, the words that define how Google searches. “A lot of kids have never used the advanced system of Google algorithms,” November said. Without it, the internet is a vast space with little organization. November compared power searching to the Dewey Decimal System in a library – without it people are just wandering around a building hoping they find the right book.
This blog post highlight key information literacy skills students should know to ask the right questions. Read more in MindShift
Start the new school year off with this TED Talks Video , by Education Scientist Sugata Mitra, to emphasize that ALL students can learn.

Instructional Best Practices - 2013-14